Check out The S.S.W. Network only $4.99 A Month

Check out The S.S.W. Network only $4.99 A Month
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This is my Official site. I'm a Pro Wrestler based in East Tennessee but travel to many states. I'm always looking for new places to wrestler. I'm married to Pro Wrestler Beau James. I love Jesus with all my heart and give him all the praise for everything I have done in my life. I'm also a big football and baseball fan. Email me at

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving is always a big time for wrestling. Here is where you can see The Dynamic James Wrestling Duo this week. Hazard KY Thanksgiving Night we will get rid of Eddie Browning once and for all. Watchthe AMW videos to see what has went down in our feud with Eddie. 
I'll see you ringside :)

10th Anniversary

10 years ago today I married my love Beau James. Here is a few pictures of us through the years. I fell in love with him when I was a kid. I never gave up. I told everyone I would marry him one day. We have traveled the country together, built a home together, we have had rough times but love over comes it all. I love you Beau James for ever and ever Amen