Check out The S.S.W. Network only $4.99 A Month

Check out The S.S.W. Network only $4.99 A Month
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This is my Official site. I'm a Pro Wrestler based in East Tennessee but travel to many states. I'm always looking for new places to wrestler. I'm married to Pro Wrestler Beau James. I love Jesus with all my heart and give him all the praise for everything I have done in my life. I'm also a big football and baseball fan. Email me at

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Trial Downloads for $5.99 each

Hello everyone. I have been asked for some time now about downloads of my matches. I have added three matches for download on the left hand side of my page. This is my first attempt at this and I'm still working on it and learning.

Here is how it will work for the trial run. With in 24 hours of your purchase I will email you the match for you to download. These are matches from arena events and it will be like you are sitting in the stand watching. I have many matches from different parts of the country with a lot of different girls I can add over time.Here are the first three I'm offering.

Southern States Ladies Title Me vs. 3rd generation Star Samantha Star from Hudson NC Sept. 2013 This was our first time match up. Samantha has no problem breaking the rules and bad mouthing me, the fans and the ref. 

Hard Hitting Rematch for Southern States Ladies Title me vs. Samantha Star. Samantha comes after my Title again and once again is breaking rules from the bell. I try to wrestle but she came to fight and I have to fight fire with fire. The match is from Nov. 2013 in Big Stone Gap, VA

Match Three is The Battle of The Cowgirls from May 2014 in Columbia, TN
Kowgirl Kissey travels from Texas to battle me in Tennessee. This is the only time we have faced each other. Both of us are favn favorites but we were not afraid to mix it up in the ring.